Panchkosh : Human Body according to Yoga


There are five sheaths of existence covering the “soul” in the order shown. Anandmay Kosh is first sheath and nearest to soul, second outer sheath is Vigyanmay Kosh, third outer sheath is Manomay Kosh, fourth outer sheath is Pranmay Kosh, fifth outer sheath is Annamay Kosh.

Anandmay Kosh is made up of “Chitta”. Chitta is one aspect of consciousness.

Vigyanmay Kosh is made up of Intelligence and pride.

Manomay Kosh is made up of five sense organ (skin, eye, ear, nose, mouth).

Pranmay Kosh is made up of five major Pranas (Prana, apana, samana, Udana, and Vyana).

Annamay Kosh is made up of food, total weight of the human being is of Annamay Kosh. Other four subtle Koshas (Pranmay Kosh, Manomay Kosh, Vigyanmay Kosh, Anandmay Kosh ) are weightless.

In todays’ world almost everybody is practicing Yogasana to improve his/her health. Health means growth of Annamay Kosh in a proper way. Pranmay Kosh contains action-power or in other words Pranmay Kosh is the center of action-power as it includes five major pranas.

Annamay Kosh can be improved better by working on Pranmay Kosh. Working on Pranmay Kosh means doing Pranayama.

Ref: Taitirya Upanishad



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